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Pixel Art

Can you really ever really forget?


This was really fun to make, It’s not pixel perfect, but I lost steam because it’s too big! too many pixels! I could be doing something wrong, like maybe my process sucks, but I seem to take forever. I also don’t like the contrast differences, on his helmet there’s a different contrast ratio than the fur, maybe the fur goes to dark :S

I watched Ice Age again the other day, and it’s such an awesome movie, the animations of Scrat are inspiring! It’s no doubt his character design creeped it’s way in here too.

On Other news, my Archer9000 game got some press on the nag website, which is totally cool. You can read more about the game on the Archer PAGE


Ludum Dare 27 – Retro Epic – Macro – Theme: 10 Seconds

We took part in ludum dare 27 this past weekend and it was awesome.

Play the game here:

[Ludum Dare 27] RetroEpic – Macro

Here’s a time-lapse of my screen during the weekends development:

I think it went better than our first attempt for the simple reason that we spent more time focusing on game mechanics and the assembly of levels ( which is much more difficult than I had first thought ).

All in all Ludum Dare is an awesome time to practice skills and discover things…. FAST.

Archer Pixels

Archer final comp builds are here:

PC download

web build

I plan on continuing development for a little while longer, just maybe not as intensely as during the comp.

Good luck to all who entered, it was awesome that so many people are participating in the game competitions. gogo make games!archerInPixels