Stained Glass Window

I was introduced by a friend to a a poem form called a Haiku, which has a simple 3 line structure. where lines 1 and 3 have 5 syllables and line 2 has 7.

To celebrate the discovery I’ve made a picture with an accompanied haiku.


In darkness we walk
Among the mythical beasts
Radiant hope shines




Here beneath lies a chronicling limerick of the cockatrice tale.

There once lived a beast cockatrice
Daily it screamed nightmares but twice;
With the peck of its beak
The towns folk could not speak,
This be the tale of nightmare beast, the cockatrice.


A Cockatrice is a mythical beast, that has a beak, wings two legs and a tail, it often gets confused with the more well known beast, the Basilisk, which has had much more “screen time”. The difference being the Cockatrice has anatomy of hind legs and wings, while the Basilisk has front legs and no wings.


Some people don’t like broccoli… I’m not one of those people. It’s one of my favorite veg. Steamed for exactly 7 mins so as to keep them from going too soft. The slight crunchy texture combined with the vitamins makes it a great veggie.

Nothing like some dark green veg.


Generic Legoman Model

Excited to see the new Lego Batman movie, so much so that I was inspired to model a lego man. It could be a fun exercise to try emulate the animation style of the movies too.


Female Warrior 3d Model Unity PBR


Trying my hand again at learning the PBR. Not totally happy with this yet, I need to fix some baking Issues and want to tweak roughness maps, specifically the pauldrons. I’m also getting light bleed into the eyeballs that I’m not sure how to get rid of yet, but Think a 2nd piece of geometry inside the head as a shadow caster might do the trick. Also in two minds of the style, it’s handpainted textures in PBR.

Iterating on it more I got it to here:




Killing time with this guy would be fun. Settled with killing time painting him.


Reference was used. Instead of going for colors accurate to the reference, I tried using a limited pallet of Red and Orange and Grey, something I had fun with getting the cools from desaturated oranges. Things I like about this one are the high saturated spots leaking trough everywhere.