Stained Glass Window

I was introduced by a friend to a a poem form called a Haiku, which has a simple 3 line structure. where lines 1 and 3 have 5 syllables and line 2 has 7.

To celebrate the discovery I’ve made a picture with an accompanied haiku.


In darkness we walk
Among the mythical beasts
Radiant hope shines




Here beneath lies a chronicling limerick of the cockatrice tale.

There once lived a beast cockatrice
Daily it screamed nightmares but twice;
With the peck of its beak
The towns folk could not speak,
This be the tale of nightmare beast, the cockatrice.


A Cockatrice is a mythical beast, that has a beak, wings two legs and a tail, it often gets confused with the more well known beast, the Basilisk, which has had much more “screen time”. The difference being the Cockatrice has anatomy of hind legs and wings, while the Basilisk has front legs and no wings.


Some people don’t like broccoli… I’m not one of those people. It’s one of my favorite veg. Steamed for exactly 7 mins so as to keep them from going too soft. The slight crunchy texture combined with the vitamins makes it a great veggie.

Nothing like some dark green veg.


Learning python – by making a simple text based game

I’ve been trying to learn more python so I can automate day to day tasks. I have been using it in blender to create some simple operators to change multiple bone shapes at once and help speed up other rigging processes, but found myself stumbling when the complexity required goes above a simplistic script. Cue more learning required.

In an attempt to learn more python I’ve started making a small, simple text based adventure game! learningPython.png

Making games is fun and I’ve never made a text based game before and apparently learning happens best when you having fun. Needless to say I’m loving python! My favorite language feature so far is list slicing, and list comprehension.

Initially I had a simple game loop running all in a single file (it was nasty) but was awesome to see how much was being done with so few lines of code. I’ve since extracted functionality and separated the game into different classes that handle their own responsibilities and have shared structure across common entities. In making all these separate files, I’ve learnt ways to import the different modules and how to group them into a common packages. It’s exactly what I was hoping to get from this exercise.

Making a text based game is helping me FOCUS. How to separate functionality and how to think of “when to class” more than anything I’ve made in unity so far. I think it’s because I can’t get distracted and get lost in decisions about making pretty pixels. It’s a frequent trap I find myself in, only realizing where I am after having sunk many hours in doing “not the next most important thing”. Even though I know about the trap, my feet get caught by it 90% of the time, but in this environment I seem to be flying it’s awesome!

So if you wanting to learn python but don’t have and idea for a project that can help you right now, try making a simple text based adventure! It’s fun 😀

Generic Legoman Model

Excited to see the new Lego Batman movie, so much so that I was inspired to model a lego man. It could be a fun exercise to try emulate the animation style of the movies too.


LD 36

I tried making a matching game for LD 36 themed Ancient Technology, and what’s more ancient than hieroglyphs!

You can find the game on and a time-lapse below:

Female Warrior 3d Model Unity PBR


Trying my hand again at learning the PBR. Not totally happy with this yet, I need to fix some baking Issues and want to tweak roughness maps, specifically the pauldrons. I’m also getting light bleed into the eyeballs that I’m not sure how to get rid of yet, but Think a 2nd piece of geometry inside the head as a shadow caster might do the trick. Also in two minds of the style, it’s handpainted textures in PBR.

Iterating on it more I got it to here:



Female Warrior Sculpt rev 4

Done sculpting time for low poly and bake. I changed a couple things that were bothering me. Horizontal repeating lines on the boots and armbands now changed to bigger shapes, changed the boots design completely and added a couple more details else where.FemaleWarrior_sculpt_revision_04

Female Warrior Sculpt Rev3

Trying to push a little bit away from the Princess feel. Also thanks to some crit at work for ideas about smaller details and taking weight off of the arms by changing material. I like the fur* as another material in the outfit, contrasts nicely against cloth and metal. I fear that having cloth metal leather and fur is too much but will see how it looks with a paintover. I also prefer the eyes having gone away from little girl to more badass. The hairstyle totally redone for more warrior braid, there some pretty interesting hairstyles out there, who knew the variety of braids! I find most of the reference on it seems to have much better quality image results than a regular google search for the same thing.