Learning python – by making a simple text based game

I’ve been trying to learn more python so I can automate day to day tasks. I have been using it in blender to create some simple operators to change multiple bone shapes at once and help speed up other rigging processes, but found myself stumbling when the complexity required goes above a simplistic script. Cue more learning required.

In an attempt to learn more python I’ve started making a small, simple text based adventure game! learningPython.png

Making games is fun and I’ve never made a text based game before and apparently learning happens best when you having fun. Needless to say I’m loving python! My favorite language feature so far is list slicing, and list comprehension.

Initially I had a simple game loop running all in a single file (it was nasty) but was awesome to see how much was being done with so few lines of code. I’ve since extracted functionality and separated the game into different classes that handle their own responsibilities and have shared structure across common entities. In making all these separate files, I’ve learnt ways to import the different modules and how to group them into a common packages. It’s exactly what I was hoping to get from this exercise.

Making a text based game is helping me FOCUS. How to separate functionality and how to think of “when to class” more than anything I’ve made in unity so far. I think it’s because I can’t get distracted and get lost in decisions about making pretty pixels. It’s a frequent trap I find myself in, only realizing where I am after having sunk many hours in doing “not the next most important thing”. Even though I know about the trap, my feet get caught by it 90% of the time, but in this environment I seem to be flying it’s awesome!

So if you wanting to learn python but don’t have and idea for a project that can help you right now, try making a simple text based adventure! It’s fun 😀


LD 36

I tried making a matching game for LD 36 themed Ancient Technology, and what’s more ancient than hieroglyphs!

You can find the game on itch.io and a time-lapse below:

The Bridge

It’s the bridge that connects places… to more different places, but that are actually places inside the same place.

I got some normal map fails on the rope so may need to try again there, but finally getting to grips with Xnormal. It’s really a great little program for baking maps.

And a dude that I made a couple days ago. I like his mouth, because he’s happy that he’s about to take down some bad guys.

I found an interesting way to make rope using the screw modifier on a ven diagram like circle layout coupled with the curve modifier. It makes for easy roping.

And for the character, my new favorite method of modeling is to use the shrink wrap modifier coupled with a solidify, really fast and easy to make changes.

Looking forward to animating this guy.

LD 35 Lapidem Mortuis

I made a game for the LD 35 jam. It didn’t go as planned, and spent time in all the wrong places. As a result I have buggy mechanics… Making an AI was a first though and for that alone the jam was totally a success. It’s very rewarding trying to program the computer to fight you. At one point I had him being totally unbeatable because he would block perfectly every time, which was actually quite fun, the clink of the swords makes for a great feeling, especially when you successfully block an incoming attack.

Check the game out on my Ludum Dare Page


I added a bunch of small details that people probably wont notice, but I think it’s fun to add them.

Deah with a spear

Spear Deah, a deer with a spear. Thanks @Wahooney for the suggestion, deah hopping around fighting like oberyn martell style would be amazing!


Some spear options and an updated deah diffuse texture. Those spears kinda look like they’ve been imbued with something of a freezing nature. could be cool to turn enemies to ice after landing successive hits and then being able to finish them with a special combo that breaks them into little bits, with over the top ice breaking effects!