Generic Legoman Model

Excited to see the new Lego Batman movie, so much so that I was inspired to model a lego man. It could be a fun exercise to try emulate the animation style of the movies too.



Here’s to you Melting!

I got to a throne room of some kind and chose bigger explosions, needless to say the victory was short lived, but so sweet. Here’s to you melting!

melting melting

Low Poly Wolf Boss model

Been inspired by the low poly thread on polycount recently and decided to try my hand at the sub 1000 character. with a little more thought I know I could have squeezed it into 500 zone.

This was a lot of fun to do and will try doing more of these kinds of models. Deformation is rough on such low models. +9000 respect for good deforming low low poly models.

obviously the character design belongs to Dreamworks. KungFU Panda.


Painting Studies

Beethoven Bust. Trying to get better stroke economy. I admire artists like Jaime Jones who make every stroke have purpose.


Random Viking Study. first time I didn’t colour pick from the reference image. My darks seem too dull.


Random Viking Study 2. Saying no to the colour picker is difficult, but I think it’s forcing me to look and make decisions that I need to have understanding for.


Margaery Tyrell GOT study. Darks seem to orange instead of red purple. and lights seem too bright. Though I do like how the blue of the water vibrates against her skin. Otherwise I think I over painted, I think over rendered images start to look sterile, the rough painting has really cool energy and life such as works by Goro Fujita


Maester Aemon? Nights Watch elder GOT study. This is more in the direction I want to paint. After watching a level up episode featuring Houston Sharp he shows a technique used in traditional painting where you lay in a under painting,  that then shows through when painting on top. I really like the effect this gives and will probably be the de facto way I start painting from here on out.


Painting cartoon superman

Robin Davey has some amazing work and inspired me to try simplify forms, which led to this superman. Not as simplified as he gets them to be but I’m just happy that I painted something. Every minute spent painting means it’s a minute I’m not wasting time watching series… damn you criminal minds!

Also Sycra has some really cool tutorials that I’d recommend to anyone wanting to learn about: painting, pretty pictures and theory of how the beauty is made.

My line work is timid, no real strong line weight anywhere, the chest and arms feel like they have a bit of form but the legs and pelvis read completely flat to me… more practice required.



Castle Crashers Pixel Fan Art

Really injoying the pixel art creation stuff, coupled with Dan Paladins awesome art style, makes for an awesome time. Here’s a castle crashes pixel art piece that I pixelated.


original size