A Man of the Middle Ages


I enjoy the middle ages themes like knights, princesses, swords and horses. I also enjoy renaissance paintings, so I tried to combine them. Also trying to mimic some techniques I’ve seen in paintings where the red underpainting starts bleeding through into the darkest darks. I may have gone overboard here as a the result making the guy feel slightly on the jelly side, specially in the hair.



last nights zombie painting, born out of an idea that if a zombie was murdered could he then still be alive to give clues to a sleuth about the murderer, but only in mumble.


Painting Studies

Beethoven Bust. Trying to get better stroke economy. I admire artists like Jaime Jones who make every stroke have purpose.


Random Viking Study. first time I didn’t colour pick from the reference image. My darks seem too dull.


Random Viking Study 2. Saying no to the colour picker is difficult, but I think it’s forcing me to look and make decisions that I need to have understanding for.


Margaery Tyrell GOT study. Darks seem to orange instead of red purple. and lights seem too bright. Though I do like how the blue of the water vibrates against her skin. Otherwise I think I over painted, I think over rendered images start to look sterile, the rough painting has really cool energy and life such as works by Goro Fujita


Maester Aemon? Nights Watch elder GOT study. This is more in the direction I want to paint. After watching a level up episode featuring Houston Sharp he shows a technique used in traditional painting where you lay in a under painting,  that then shows through when painting on top. I really like the effect this gives and will probably be the de facto way I start painting from here on out.


Mood Landscapes / Colour keys

The Great Train…is moody.

I’ve saved all the landscape paintings I’ve ever done, there 9 of them, last night i decided to double it by doing some mood paintings for a game idea.  I don’t do landscapes often because they scare me and I feel more comfortable drawing silly faces and characters, but after watching many hours of speed paintings youtube tutorial videos on landscapes I think I’m beginning to understand and be less scared of the L word.



Why you break my health potion!?

Someone broke this guys health potion walking past, he’s not happy and it’s going to end up being a bad day for the perpetrator – this guy is a fighter!

Those glove things are inspired by street fighter, naturally.


Pink Face Painting

Felt like painting something pink, started out as a fluffy teddy, didn’t like where it was going so it turned into an unhappy pink headed hairy backed man with dark lips. Well that was an interesting painting session…