Zbrush Retopology Tutorial


3 thoughts on “Tutorials

  1. good tutorial, retopo has always been a bit of a mystery to me…now i have a better understanding. is there an advantage to doing it this way over just getting your base mesh how you want it in maya before subdividing and detailing in zbrush?

    1. Thanks, I’ve found it nice to just wing it from Zsphere it allows for some kind of freedom in sculpting and “finding” some form you like. where as if you draw out your concept and it’s already solid, then I totally say go for base mesh in Maya, and bring in good topo, much better sculpting experience when you not fighting topology. Specially if you have an older compy like mine that can only hand 2 mil poly counts, so basically I reckon :
      Solid concept : Base Mesh
      Exploring : Zsphere / Sculptris

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