Female Warrior Sculpt Rev3

Trying to push a little bit away from the Princess feel. Also thanks to some crit at work for ideas about smaller details and taking weight off of the arms by changing material. I like the fur* as another material in the outfit, contrasts nicely against cloth and metal. I fear that having cloth metal leather and fur is too much but will see how it looks with a paintover. I also prefer the eyes having gone away from little girl to more badass. The hairstyle totally redone for more warrior braid, there some pretty interesting hairstyles out there, who knew the variety of braids! I find most of the reference on pinterest.com it seems to have much better quality image results than a regular google search for the same thing.



Female Head Sculpt

The lack of females in my history folders worried me a bit, so tried to sculpt a female head. Anyhow this is what I got after a few hours in sculptris and photoshop, tried to make more femaleness come through with the liquify tool. More practice required, also think i need to look at reference more.

Street Fighter Sculpts

In my little break from rigging Rex I’ve done some quick sculpts of Akuma and Guile from Street fighter. Not sure who the made the Akuma concept that I worked from but the Guile concept was made by a talented guy called Mike (Zatransis) Henry, very cool style, I didn’t manage to capture it as well as I’d hoped but was still fun nevertheless.

Rex 2.0 – Dragon Modeling and Sculpting

As you can see Dino got revised and is now Rex. Has new improved loops better structure and is a little higher poly than his predecessor. I looked at the older dragon sculpts I did and really liked the 2nd one i did so brought that through into this one, skinnier legs and fatter tail. Looking forward to rigging him and animating something.

Dragon Sculpt Modeling

Project Dino Dragon Sculpt_01

Animating four legs, tails and long necks at work has made me want to animate more, different four legs, tails and long necks. I picked a dragon, I loved how to train your dragon and that will prove to be a good source of reference for the whole process. Not sure why it’s called Dino, when it’s a dragon, alas, names don’t really matter here.

Started sculpting in Sculptris, then took it into Maya to retopologize and then into Zbrush for broad tweaking.

Need to layout UV’s nicely next, for any future texturing I might do. Then it’s RIGGING time! I know exactly what kind of behaviour I want from the controls, Simplicity. 🙂

Dragon Dino


A potential game character that had cubes for hands, that can shoot stuff? also maybe some particle effect that follows out after the projectile or out the top of the head… maybe.

Name  : Küber

Attack 1 : Cube Shot (ranged)

Attack 2 : Cube Pummel  (close)

Special : rocket Fist (charges, rocket jumps on his fists in to a fist slam) AOE damage.

Cowboy Face Sculpt WIP

Sculptris then into Zbrush, retopologized in Maya and then detailed again in Zbrush. Adding clothing items now and then will start with the texturing. Hopefully being able to finish the whole thing for my demo reel. aprox 2 days worth of work so far.

Sculptris Zbrush Face 4 WIP

Trying to make a cowboy, and this is what i got so far… doesn’t look very cowboy like…yet, also my computer is struggling to handle the millions of polys inside zbrush which makes it a painful experience making the wrinkles, which don’t come out properly because of the lag. Alas I will carry on!