Female Warrior 3d model

Inspired by all things Blizzard I’m trying to skill up and make more assets, specifically medieval knights swords and princesses. I’m not entirely happy with where this is at at the moment. She feels stuck in the middle of real and stylized and so stopping before the texturing phase to find more appealing shape design to push more towards the stylized zone.FemaleWarrior_baked FemaleWarrior_paintOver



Diablo III Monk Fan Art – Textures 02

So here’s the overlays with the AO baked in. Also put some other things in that I forgot on the last round.

Looking at the silhouette I cleaned up parts of the beard where it was breaking form, and also dropped a lattice on the head to make some quick proportion changes.

Next I’m going to attempt to clean up my textures, try make them more sharp and also more contrasty.

Male Base Mesh

So after getting inspired by numerous Game Art show pieces on poly count / game artisans and cg society I decided to make a base mesh of my own for when I get round to making something cool.

I’ll make a female version too, and then put them up for download. I got some reference images and just started box modelling it out trying to stay below 2500 tris, just missed it by 24 tris, and if I really wanted to I could make it fit by deleting an edge loop or two around either the legs or the arms or torso.