Female Warrior 3d Model Unity PBR


Trying my hand again at learning the PBR. Not totally happy with this yet, I need to fix some baking Issues and want to tweak roughness maps, specifically the pauldrons. I’m also getting light bleed into the eyeballs that I’m not sure how to get rid of yet, but Think a 2nd piece of geometry inside the head as a shadow caster might do the trick. Also in two minds of the style, it’s handpainted textures in PBR.

Iterating on it more I got it to here:




Unity Trees

My Attempts at making more hand painted style trees, still not totally happy with the result. I don’t like that there’s no shaddow on the lower leaves.

Next I’ll try hand place the meshes inside a 3d package and then do some shadow baking, hopefully getting the desired result.

this is a more different Tree, using handplaced mesh with baked in soft shadows. Thinking of putting leaves back in, maybe.