Female Warrior 3d model

Inspired by all things Blizzard I’m trying to skill up and make more assets, specifically medieval knights swords and princesses. I’m not entirely happy with where this is at at the moment. She feels stuck in the middle of real and stylized and so stopping before the texturing phase to find more appealing shape design to push more towards the stylized zone.FemaleWarrior_baked FemaleWarrior_paintOver




The Bridge

It’s the bridge that connects places… to more different places, but that are actually places inside the same place.

I got some normal map fails on the rope so may need to try again there, but finally getting to grips with Xnormal. It’s really a great little program for baking maps.

And a dude that I made a couple days ago. I like his mouth, because he’s happy that he’s about to take down some bad guys.

I found an interesting way to make rope using the screw modifier on a ven diagram like circle layout coupled with the curve modifier. It makes for easy roping.

And for the character, my new favorite method of modeling is to use the shrink wrap modifier coupled with a solidify, really fast and easy to make changes.

Looking forward to animating this guy.

Diablo III Monk Fan Art – First Pass Textures

Got some textures on now, in Zbrush added the base colors and seams so I know where to paint in photoshop. Next I’ll bake in the AO which I’ll get from zbrush by making an ambient occlusion pass from a mask and then saving that as a map which can be multiplied over top the base texture to add more form to the model.

Diablo III Monk Fan Art – Unwrapped

Modeled and unwrapped, ready for painting. Going to try get a hand painted feel similar to SGC’s stuff and First Keeper. Blizzard inspired texture work. I’ll be very happy if I’m able to pull it off with my limited texture skills.

Küber Animation 1 – First Pass

Here’s the first pass for the animation test i’m doing for Küber, seems those FK legs would be very useful now! I need to rig that up in v.2 of the rig. Very helpful if the characters flying through the air.

Küber shoots at the ground to propel himself into an attack where he slams his fists into the ground, doing AOE damage. I’d like to finish this one, with effects and stuff, even though that wont translate into the unity engine, it will still be fun!

Now that I’m interning at Triggerfish, it seems there’s so little time for things in general, but it’s really awesome at the sametime.


Rigged and re-rigged Küber

So here’s Küber rigged. After making a non useable rig, and then reading up about having two separate skeletons for game characters, I re rigged him, now he’s awesome to animate with.

I didn’t incorporate FK legs because personally I’ve never had to animated legs in FK. But we will see what happens, maybe the next version calls for FK legs.

Küber Part 3

Küber now rigged, however it’s not friendly and totally sucks for animating. I need IK FK arms, I need to sort out the clavicle rig, I went for simple and it doesn’t work, well…. it’s just not friendly.

But here’s a picture in the meantime to keep moral up 🙂