Painting cartoon superman

Robin Davey has some amazing work and inspired me to try simplify forms, which led to this superman. Not as simplified as he gets them to be but I’m just happy that I painted something. Every minute spent painting means it’s a minute I’m not wasting time watching series… damn you criminal minds!

Also Sycra has some really cool tutorials that I’d recommend to anyone wanting to learn about: painting, pretty pictures and theory of how the beauty is made.

My line work is timid, no real strong line weight anywhere, the chest and arms feel like they have a bit of form but the legs and pelvis read completely flat to me… more practice required.




New Ideas for a new Day

Today’s idea is : what if the BlockBoy universe is high tech and city like?Wanted to add some parallax opportunity so painted some city lights. Horah!! for painting something other than a character.


Nah, had to paint something character like, so did a study. This is Bernini’s David. Forget to take note of how long I take to do this stuff, should time myself and do 30 min studies, apparently that’s something that helps, according to some forums… so, going to try that 🙂


BlockBoy Painting Practice

More Practice in the form of yet again BlockBoy! trying to get “movement” as seen change in the last frame of the .gif. Not as successful as I’d hope it would be. Again need to study some other paintings / draw from life. In hindsight I like the first position the block is in, I think it complements the lines through the body better. I’m really going to try do my next painting with a background setting.



lighting balls of Color

Practice of some kind, involving balls and color, special areas of saturation. I like the ones where I’ve added in all colors and then washed over it with the local color. Color relationships is a really interesting thing and I wish I understood more. Onwards with more practice.


Block Boy – Background foolery

Testing some Ideas for a background for Block Boy. Fears are that the concept of having chains might introduce dynamic chains for game play  ( begin scary sequence now ).

It’s hard to place what style or era, genre this could go. but I’m feeling the chains, and the darkness. The contrast between the platforms and the background is super appealing for me, would be really awesome if you could climb up a thicker chain! or if you tugged on a chain you got ammo for some kind of gun! OH YEAH!



the second bg test, easier to implement but doesn’t look as cool as the first. Think it might be because there’s less contrast, and just less things. It gave me a cool idea though: players position affects blocks in the wall. so you can make blocks extrude out the wall with your x position, but they also retract. ie.   position.x % 5 == 0 then extrude,  if pos.x % 5 && 10 then (retract if extruded), maybe could be some kind of puzzle, where set blocks get extruded depending on your proximity to them so the stage only shows when you close enough, could be interesting.



Pixel Art Mineral Tree

Inspired by the local indie game dev community’s awesome artists, I wanted to try my hand at some pixel art, didn’t really have anything I wanted to draw so started putting colors down, before you know it, green and brown suggested a tree, and the this mineral tree thing formed with the red billed birdies who keep watch.

so….. The BlockBoy made his journey to the mineral Tree!

painted in photoshop – which I need to learn how to have pixel precision in, because whenever I want to paint one pixel at a time there’s some feathering that happens which is really annoying!

EDIT – DOH pixel precision is achieved by painting with the pencil at 1 pixel size… I totally forgot about the pencil tool!




Painting – A Skull Study

Going to basics, observing and painting. I painted in monotone first and then played with the blending modes to get colour variation in the skull. There a few things I plan to increasing in skill, one of them is painting. So onward! More practice please.

Painting rocks

After browsing the game art forums, I was inspired to paint some rocks. It’s very relaxing and the concept of time begins to dissapear  as you paint shapes and visualise forms, then fill in the shadows and highlights. Oh and also looking at real world and game reference helps too 🙂 the journey of more practice continues: