Female Warrior Sculpt rev 4

Done sculpting time for low poly and bake. I changed a couple things that were bothering me. Horizontal repeating lines on the boots and armbands now changed to bigger shapes, changed the boots design completely and added a couple more details else where.FemaleWarrior_sculpt_revision_04


Female Warrior Sculpt Rev3

Trying to push a little bit away from the Princess feel. Also thanks to some crit at work for ideas about smaller details and taking weight off of the arms by changing material. I like the fur* as another material in the outfit, contrasts nicely against cloth and metal. I fear that having cloth metal leather and fur is too much but will see how it looks with a paintover. I also prefer the eyes having gone away from little girl to more badass. The hairstyle totally redone for more warrior braid, there some pretty interesting hairstyles out there, who knew the variety of braids! I find most of the reference on pinterest.com it seems to have much better quality image results than a regular google search for the same thing.


Female Warrior 3d model

Inspired by all things Blizzard I’m trying to skill up and make more assets, specifically medieval knights swords and princesses. I’m not entirely happy with where this is at at the moment. She feels stuck in the middle of real and stylized and so stopping before the texturing phase to find more appealing shape design to push more towards the stylized zone.FemaleWarrior_baked FemaleWarrior_paintOver



The Bridge

It’s the bridge that connects places… to more different places, but that are actually places inside the same place.

I got some normal map fails on the rope so may need to try again there, but finally getting to grips with Xnormal. It’s really a great little program for baking maps.

And a dude that I made a couple days ago. I like his mouth, because he’s happy that he’s about to take down some bad guys.

I found an interesting way to make rope using the screw modifier on a ven diagram like circle layout coupled with the curve modifier. It makes for easy roping.

And for the character, my new favorite method of modeling is to use the shrink wrap modifier coupled with a solidify, really fast and easy to make changes.

Looking forward to animating this guy.

LD 35 Lapidem Mortuis

I made a game for the LD 35 jam. It didn’t go as planned, and spent time in all the wrong places. As a result I have buggy mechanics… Making an AI was a first though and for that alone the jam was totally a success. It’s very rewarding trying to program the computer to fight you. At one point I had him being totally unbeatable because he would block perfectly every time, which was actually quite fun, the clink of the swords makes for a great feeling, especially when you successfully block an incoming attack.

Check the game out on my Ludum Dare Page


I added a bunch of small details that people probably wont notice, but I think it’s fun to add them.

3 Design Collective Helm

Some Speed Modeling and Texturing. Solidify modifier in blender is awesome combined with the unwrap magic of 3dCoat and the materials of substance painter, and rendered real time in unreal the process is really fun. CollectiveHelm

2.5D Diablo 3 Trees

I’m really inspired by Blizzards art style and have a huge amount of respect for what their artists produce. Here’s my stab at making Diablo 3 like trees. Not quite there, but still better than any tree I’ve made before so I’m just happy progress is being made.

attempt 1:2.5DTree

attempt 2:2.5DTree_v2

Fox head model

Watching the original Disney Robin Hood brought back some good memories. Such good animation, my eyes wanna bleed. Disney also have a new movie coming out featuring a fox so that looks interesting! So inspired this fox, speed sculpted in Scupltris and then retopoligized in Blender, I remember trying to do this on my old 2005 iMac and it failed horribly, my new machine has opened up some good artistic opportunities for me in terms of poly count in the sculpting department, it’s so much fun and I haven’t even gotten to the detailing!  Thinking of rigging him up and doing some facial stuff, I might even do a tutorial of just how I go about doing that, but still undecided.

Not crazy about the loops around the mouth, and the eyes have 2 extras that blend into themselves that I don’t particularly like. Also want to beef up the neck. This might also serve as a good change to learn blender hair system.