LD 35 Lapidem Mortuis

I made a game for the LD 35 jam. It didn’t go as planned, and spent time in all the wrong places. As a result I have buggy mechanics… Making an AI was a first though and for that alone the jam was totally a success. It’s very rewarding trying to program the computer to fight you. At one point I had him being totally unbeatable because he would block perfectly every time, which was actually quite fun, the clink of the swords makes for a great feeling, especially when you successfully block an incoming attack.

Check the game out on my Ludum Dare Page


I added a bunch of small details that people probably wont notice, but I think it’s fun to add them.



Killing time with this guy would be fun. Settled with killing time painting him.


Reference was used. Instead of going for colors accurate to the reference, I tried using a limited pallet of Red and Orange and Grey, something I had fun with getting the cools from desaturated oranges. Things I like about this one are the high saturated spots leaking trough everywhere.

3 Design Collective Helm

Some Speed Modeling and Texturing. Solidify modifier in blender is awesome combined with the unwrap magic of 3dCoat and the materials of substance painter, and rendered real time in unreal the process is really fun. CollectiveHelm

FemWarrior Sculpt Practice


Sculpt practice, couple things I don’t quite like, particularly the overall lumpiness, the thigh area and the edges seem to lack clean definition. Quilt is really outta whack with it turning to a non diamond pattern at the back, might revisit the general leg thing. Also no weapon yet!