Prototype X1L

PC Download

OSX Download

Prototype X1L v.6

//  Created by : POMB


-What’s it about?

Not sure its about anything. But does have an orb ship that needs to fly through rings to build a bonus multiplier that then upon collection of yellow blocks gives points!

You have to roll through the yellow blockade hoops.

Stages are procedural with prebuilt sections (namely the tunnel of Boss) named after the feeling one gets when flying through it.


– bonus multiplier problems, when you miss a ring sometimes it doesn’t reset.

– 1 hoop has rendering issues along an edge where faces are doubled up.

– Other issues include the difficulty of depth perception, I tried to fix this with the suggestion of adding a light to the ship, it helps a little, but I think on the next iteration I’ll try add some fake volumetric light to the light cone, that might help.

If you download and play, feel free to comment and give suggestions or report any bugs you may find.


One thought on “Prototype X1L

  1. Awesome dude!
    Controls are a bit tough and when I first started I didn’t know what was happening. You should make the first couple of seconds easy enough to learn what is happening. Very good though!

    Noticed a couple of rendering issues on the hoops.

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