Download the Birdie Rig

– Known Issues:

Broken global scaling

bad feet deformations

wings come off body when breathing

some weirdness with the neck

This rig is free to use for personal use.

Don’t be scared to link me up to your animations with him. I’d love to see him move.

Download Male Base Mesh


– tris 3250

– faces 1626

– toes and fingers

– face topo

– Forearm twist topo

– All quads

This base mesh is free for personal use. Feel free to link me to any sculpts or models you make with it.


2 thoughts on “Downloads

  1. Hey , do you also have the birdie rig textures that you can send to me ^^
    I would like to use your rig for some personal animation practice ^^



    1. Hey Sergey, Unfortunately I don’t have that anymore as it was on my old iMac, it’s died an unfortunate death. Good luck animating! please send me a link to your practice, I’d love to see what you end up doing with it 😀

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