Female Warrior Sculpt Rev3

Trying to push a little bit away from the Princess feel. Also thanks to some crit at work for ideas about smaller details and taking weight off of the arms by changing material. I like the fur* as another material in the outfit, contrasts nicely against cloth and metal. I fear that having cloth metal leather and fur is too much but will see how it looks with a paintover. I also prefer the eyes having gone away from little girl to more badass. The hairstyle totally redone for more warrior braid, there some pretty interesting hairstyles out there, who knew the variety of braids! I find most of the reference on pinterest.com it seems to have much better quality image results than a regular google search for the same thing.


Diablo III Monk Fan Art – First Pass Textures

Got some textures on now, in Zbrush added the base colors and seams so I know where to paint in photoshop. Next I’ll bake in the AO which I’ll get from zbrush by making an ambient occlusion pass from a mask and then saving that as a map which can be multiplied over top the base texture to add more form to the model.

Rex Updated – Cartoon Dragon Modeling

Upon opening the file again and seeing Rex with fresh eyes, I didn’t like how skinny and short his legs were in comparison to his other body parts. So I took him back into Zbrush for some more tweaking,

I beefed up his legs a little bit, and shortened his neck and tail, also did some alterations to the wings and lastly revamped the legs and claws. Much better edge looping now, Did some detail sculpting and brought that in with a normal map, and reduced the poly count from 11000 to 5140 that’s 10240 tris with the eyes.

I feel ready to rig now.

Dragon modeling


Project Dino Dragon Sculpt_01

Animating four legs, tails and long necks at work has made me want to animate more, different four legs, tails and long necks. I picked a dragon, I loved how to train your dragon and that will prove to be a good source of reference for the whole process. Not sure why it’s called Dino, when it’s a dragon, alas, names don’t really matter here.

Started sculpting in Sculptris, then took it into Maya to retopologize and then into Zbrush for broad tweaking.

Need to layout UV’s nicely next, for any future texturing I might do. Then it’s RIGGING time! I know exactly what kind of behaviour I want from the controls, Simplicity. 🙂

Dragon Dino