LD 36

I tried making a matching game for LD 36 themed Ancient Technology, and what’s more ancient than hieroglyphs!

You can find the game on itch.io and a time-lapse below:


Female Warrior 3d Model Unity PBR


Trying my hand again at learning the PBR. Not totally happy with this yet, I need to fix some baking Issues and want to tweak roughness maps, specifically the pauldrons. I’m also getting light bleed into the eyeballs that I’m not sure how to get rid of yet, but Think a 2nd piece of geometry inside the head as a shadow caster might do the trick. Also in two minds of the style, it’s handpainted textures in PBR.

Iterating on it more I got it to here:



LD 35 Lapidem Mortuis

I made a game for the LD 35 jam. It didn’t go as planned, and spent time in all the wrong places. As a result I have buggy mechanics… Making an AI was a first though and for that alone the jam was totally a success. It’s very rewarding trying to program the computer to fight you. At one point I had him being totally unbeatable because he would block perfectly every time, which was actually quite fun, the clink of the swords makes for a great feeling, especially when you successfully block an incoming attack.

Check the game out on my Ludum Dare Page


I added a bunch of small details that people probably wont notice, but I think it’s fun to add them.

Wrecked – LudumDare28

Took part this weekend in LudumDare28 and again I feel like I’ve pushed myself and accomplished something, although not a great game by any means, it’s something which is a better use of my time than watching series ever could be 🙂


Play Wrecked Here:


Wrecked by a remote two man team.
Brendon Smuts : Programming
Paul Lombard : Art

Wrecked in the middle of nowhere, out there, in space you attempt to rebuild your ship out of the wreckage. Parts for your escape pod are within reach of your fleeting power supply. The main ship had plenty of power cells packed on board on in the lower hull facility storage drawer. Search for them to stay alive whilst rebuilding your escape pod. You only have one life, one pod, one mission, Stay alive!

Here’s a timelapse of my dev

Ludum Dare 27 – Retro Epic – Macro – Theme: 10 Seconds

We took part in ludum dare 27 this past weekend and it was awesome.

Play the game here:

[Ludum Dare 27] RetroEpic – Macro

Here’s a time-lapse of my screen during the weekends development:

I think it went better than our first attempt for the simple reason that we spent more time focusing on game mechanics and the assembly of levels ( which is much more difficult than I had first thought ).

All in all Ludum Dare is an awesome time to practice skills and discover things…. FAST.

Archer Game update

Getting closer to due date and still so much to do! here’s a link to the latest build of my Archer Game

Having so much fun deving this, I’ve somehow become super motivated. I most love the moments where I forget I’m trying to figure something out and have fallen into “Play Mode” where I’m trying to beat my highest wave which is currently wave 7.

Lots of things still to do, including princess animations and attack! Enemy sprites, a menu of some kind and sound!




Ludum Dare 48 Jam – RGBA

So our team took part in the Ludum Dare 48 Jam

Our Ludum Dare Entry

We didn’t get to finish it up like we wanted, with all the ideas we had, but I’m quite pleased with how much we actually got done. It was our first LD experience and it was as everyone says, Amazing! Making something playable with a team in a short amount of time is in and of itself quite a cool thing add “game” to the mix and it becomes a pretty awesome.

Here’s what our stage looks like:


also just to prove that you can kill all the monsters here’s how my screen looked after playing 🙂 A bit of a grind fest for ammo collection, but again 72 hours! Need to put a camera at a birds eye view to show the minimalist painting form and change.