LD 36

I tried making a matching game for LD 36 themed Ancient Technology, and what’s more ancient than hieroglyphs!

You can find the game on itch.io and a time-lapse below:


A Man of the Middle Ages


I enjoy the middle ages themes like knights, princesses, swords and horses. I also enjoy renaissance paintings, so I tried to combine them. Also trying to mimic some techniques I’ve seen in paintings where the red underpainting starts bleeding through into the darkest darks. I may have gone overboard here as a the result making the guy feel slightly on the jelly side, specially in the hair.

The Bandit

Re-textured and Rigged the Bandit model. I really just want to animate the spurs spinning so fast it propels him forward.Rider_01


TheGreatTrain Bandits Ride gameplay video

Gameplay video of my compo build.


The Great Train – Bandits Run


Working on a 1 button runner game for the makegamessa comp this month.

Finally have a playable game loop.

Here’s a link to my entry on the forums:


and to some more info on the games page



Female Warrior Concepts


Some drawings of leFem I like the 2nd and 4th because of the elongated proportions.


FemWarrior Sculpt Practice


Sculpt practice, couple things I don’t quite like, particularly the overall lumpiness, the thigh area and the edges seem to lack clean definition. Quilt is really outta whack with it turning to a non diamond pattern at the back, might revisit the general leg thing. Also no weapon yet!


Learning PBR

Here’s a Character Test I’ve done trying to learn a PBR workflow with Blender to Substance Painter to Unity 5 and Unreal 4. Interesting to see that the shaders give different results straight out the box something to do with the roughness calculations… more learning required.PBR_Learning_01


Cheets Low Poly
by pomb
on Sketchfab


Baby Dragon thinks he’s special

Animation practice on the Baby Dragon I made a few months back.