Knight Line


Knights line up edge to edge to brave a heart;
Piece by piece a path is set in part.
Through twists and turns,
The metal will burn.
Power be to those knights who brave the line.


Knights Line – A Tile laying game

A game that plays similar to Tsuro, that has more depth due to merging paths and character effects. Players place tiles adjacent to their characters (the knights riding metal horses) to path them around the board, players can rotate tiles to make advantageous rail connections, two distinct play styles of safety/survival or combative annihilation.

Knights gain POWER on each tile they path and BRAVERY for the current path travel duration. Each edge of a tile contains multiple paths that navigate to another edge on the tile, with some paths sometimes merging into one.

When knights collide they engage and swing sword, the ones that have the most bravery have a higher chance of surviving as their swords determine who wins the line.

Knight characters each have skills that activate after they meet the activation requirement, which is augmented by the Knight and Steed mapping. Rail hopping, Shooting Arrows at those nearby, Rail mixing and Taunts.


Stained Glass Window

I was introduced by a friend to a a poem form called a Haiku, which has a simple 3 line structure. where lines 1 and 3 have 5 syllables and line 2 has 7.

To celebrate the discovery I’ve made a picture with an accompanied haiku.


Darkness we walk
Among the mythical beasts
Radiant hope shines



Here beneath lies a chronicling limerick of the cockatrice tale.

There once lived a beast cockatrice
Daily it screamed nightmares but twice;
With the peck of its beak
The towns folk could not speak,
This be the tale of nightmare beast, the cockatrice.


A Cockatrice is a mythical beast, that has a beak, wings two legs and a tail, it often gets confused with the more well known beast, the Basilisk, which has had much more “screen time”. The difference being the Cockatrice has anatomy of hind legs and wings, while the Basilisk has front legs and no wings.