Female Warrior 3d model

Inspired by all things Blizzard I’m trying to skill up and make more assets, specifically medieval knights swords and princesses. I’m not entirely happy with where this is at at the moment. She feels stuck in the middle of real and stylized and so stopping before the texturing phase to find more appealing shape design to push more towards the stylized zone.FemaleWarrior_baked FemaleWarrior_paintOver




Deah Title

There are many ways in which to procrastinate than actually making your game.titleScreen1

Deah with a spear

Spear Deah, a deer with a spear. Thanks @Wahooney for the suggestion, deah hopping around fighting like oberyn martell style would be amazing!


Some spear options and an updated deah diffuse texture. Those spears kinda look like they’ve been imbued with something of a freezing nature. could be cool to turn enemies to ice after landing successive hits and then being able to finish them with a special combo that breaks them into little bits, with over the top ice breaking effects!

Block Boy – Background foolery

Testing some Ideas for a background for Block Boy. Fears are that the concept of having chains might introduce dynamic chains for game play  ( begin scary sequence now ).

It’s hard to place what style or era, genre this could go. but I’m feeling the chains, and the darkness. The contrast between the platforms and the background is super appealing for me, would be really awesome if you could climb up a thicker chain! or if you tugged on a chain you got ammo for some kind of gun! OH YEAH!



the second bg test, easier to implement but doesn’t look as cool as the first. Think it might be because there’s less contrast, and just less things. It gave me a cool idea though: players position affects blocks in the wall. so you can make blocks extrude out the wall with your x position, but they also retract. ie.   position.x % 5 == 0 then extrude,  if pos.x % 5 && 10 then (retract if extruded), maybe could be some kind of puzzle, where set blocks get extruded depending on your proximity to them so the stage only shows when you close enough, could be interesting.



Cubes Game Design

A paper prototype for a game that makes you scratch your brain. It’s part chess in a way that it requires you to think ahead if you want to have optimal moves on the board, and it’s also a bit like sadoku in that you only win if you have the right configuration, in this case the white facing up. (the name is WIP)

The cubes start out with all white facing upwards in the centre of the matrix. They then get scrambled at the start of play, 5 moves for each cube.

Moving a cube along the gird unit counts as 1 move respectively. As the cube moves it needs to rotate in the direction it moves.

Moves are limited to x and y although you are able to wrap. When at the top and you roll up, you appear at the bottom in the same column, similarly rolling right on the right side of the board makes you appear in column one of the same row. The object is to get all cubes back to the centre within 20 moves. In certain configurations it’s been done in 12 moves.

It’s challenging at first, but once you start recognising patterns, you quickly become a master 🙂 The fun really kicks in when constraints are put in where you, for instance can’t roll right on yellow, or can’t wrap right with blue, or white can only roll down. Maybe even obstructions, eg. block 3,3 is unoccupieable (that’s not a word is it? but I’m totally going to put it in the instructions/ rules)

In between learning C# I’m attempting to build the game in 3D, with plans to deploy to PC / web and mobile devices.

Feedback so far has been that there should be symbols on the colors which could extend the game to the colorbind, and even if the game were to be a board game possibly braille for the blind!

A game that could potentially be played by the blind! now we talking hahaha.

Other ideas were to make non uniform boards, and 2×1 cubes, which would increase the difficulty of the game.

Potentially the best game so far out of all the prototypes made so far.

Special Thanks to my good friend Jonathan Dowling for helping flesh out the games “design” in the early hours on skype . Prototyping this game in photoshop was epically fun!

This picture describes the last 3 moves a game might look like:

I’m so excited about this particular game because of it’s uniqueness, simplistic nature but also just because it’s so vastly different to the other prototypes I’ve made. Puzzle games are rad 🙂