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This is a 2 button game for the make games competition. Competition D:

You can read the development thread here on MakeGamesSA

A and D are your two buttons which make up combos: shoot, Jump, Jump and shoot, jump and shoot! like mega man, and dash in the air.

Don’t hold your arrow to long or your arm gets tired and the arrow flops out the bow 🙂

My look and feel is heavily inspired by the behemoths website. Dan’s an incredible artist and is a big inspiration.


Here’s a video showing the core jump and shoot mechanic without any of the fluff, it took only a few days after work to get the bare bones going, and at this stage I felt that the two button combo scheme that I was going for was working, so stuck with it.

Skillful bowman skills:

1. The bread and butter combo of the game. A D which fires a plane ass normal shot like this, the simplicity of the shot works great for hitting mobs in the chest for 10 experience, great when they lined up and you need to get rid of them quickly without punching in too many combos.


2. Jump and Shoot, jump and shoot! Megaman inspired gameplay. It’s a classic and it’s super satisfying when you line up the jump to shoot birds out the air, which drop crates of awesome that heal your castle!!!

D A to jump then A D to shoot in the air. NB!! The birds death is necessary for your survival.


3. Dashing. Dashing is a fancy skill that skillful player use to path over flaming balls of hate that come from the dragons mouth! You should use this skill to avoid falling into flames on the ground, and also traveling fast towards the crates!


Here’s a 20 second video of the competition builds gameplay.

Good Luck Archer, I wish your arrow be straight, I pray your arrow be true! Go Forth and put an arrow in that Dragons eye!


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