Female Warrior 3d Model Unity PBR


Trying my hand again at learning the PBR. Not totally happy with this yet, I need to fix some baking Issues and want to tweak roughness maps, specifically the pauldrons. I’m also getting light bleed into the eyeballs that I’m not sure how to get rid of yet, but Think a 2nd piece of geometry inside the head as a shadow caster might do the trick. Also in two minds of the style, it’s handpainted textures in PBR.

Iterating on it more I got it to here:




3 thoughts on “Female Warrior 3d Model Unity PBR

  1. This is great work, seriously! I actually like your proportions as they turned out, Great pallet and I like your art style.
    I would actually buy this model if you had it for sale in a shop somewhere, like Unity’s Asset Store.

    What is your availability for commission work? Because i’d be willing to pay you to duplicate this style artwork and “cartoon” modelling for a few other characters! Let me know if you are interested!


    1. Thanks for the kind words Rathgear! She had an interesting transformation from her first iteration to where she is now.
      Haha, I’ve been told by a couple people to put her up on the store.
      I’ve sent you a e-mail regarding commissioned work.

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