Fox head model

Watching the original Disney Robin Hood brought back some good memories. Such good animation, my eyes wanna bleed. Disney also have a new movie coming out featuring a fox so that looks interesting! So inspired this fox, speed sculpted in Scupltris and then retopoligized in Blender, I remember trying to do this on my old 2005 iMac and it failed horribly, my new machine has opened up some good artistic opportunities for me in terms of poly count in the sculpting department, it’s so much fun and I haven’t even gotten to the detailing!  Thinking of rigging him up and doing some facial stuff, I might even do a tutorial of just how I go about doing that, but still undecided.

Not crazy about the loops around the mouth, and the eyes have 2 extras that blend into themselves that I don’t particularly like. Also want to beef up the neck. This might also serve as a good change to learn blender hair system.


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