Blender Facial Rigging

Facial rigging test / learning in blender.
A hybrid of bones and blendshapes.
I want to add some inner mouth parts and do a lipsync test with it to see how it holds up.
I’m finding it much easier to rig in blender than in Maya. I do wish that I had something similar to Maya’s hypergraph and component editor.




3 thoughts on “Blender Facial Rigging

  1. This amazing facial rig made me to subscribe to your posts!
    Could & would u give some tips on where to learn to rig like that?
    Any good links to advanced blender rigging tutorials or books?

    1. Thanks Pensart!
      To be honest there’s no one book or tutorial, but have found Jason Osipa’s facial stuff particularly well written, although for maya, rigging principles extend beyond the software they shown in.

      You can get a lot with just plain bone deformations. I rig and animate game characters at work, and their rigs are all bone deformations, face included.

      Things to search and learn:
      Broken hierarchy rigging
      Bone Placement/deformation also has very good information on rigging, I highly recommend looking there for more information.

      Good luck!

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