Blender head

Felt a little bored so decided to do some modeling again in blender, did a quick concept, which I think my mind was tracing out designs by Adam Philips’ cartoons. Started with good ol’ box modeling and made use of the subdivision mesh modifier, touch it with the sculpt tools a little, but wasn’t happy so went back to modeling, didn’t get the exact edge loops I wanted but did try keep in mind the separate parts, could have also looped some of them under the chin there. Did some quick base colors in blender with the 3d painting and then a little more in photoshop ( not too much more as you can see ) Giving up on the material/rendering, need to watch some tutorials on how to set up sss and what not. So just rendered color diffuse and painted the rest in photoshop.

Things to learn:

– SSS shader

– glossy eyes

– Hair ?

– zDepth pass

– basic composting

Wouldn’t mind taking this further and learn how to do some face rigging in blender. I’m almost done with my animation test on Skully, just need to tweak the hands and I’ll have that out to post soon.

well that was fun 🙂 Blender is awesome.



wireframe loop gif





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