Block Boy – Background foolery

Testing some Ideas for a background for Block Boy. Fears are that the concept of having chains might introduce dynamic chains for game play  ( begin scary sequence now ).

It’s hard to place what style or era, genre this could go. but I’m feeling the chains, and the darkness. The contrast between the platforms and the background is super appealing for me, would be really awesome if you could climb up a thicker chain! or if you tugged on a chain you got ammo for some kind of gun! OH YEAH!



the second bg test, easier to implement but doesn’t look as cool as the first. Think it might be because there’s less contrast, and just less things. It gave me a cool idea though: players position affects blocks in the wall. so you can make blocks extrude out the wall with your x position, but they also retract. ie.   position.x % 5 == 0 then extrude,  if pos.x % 5 && 10 then (retract if extruded), maybe could be some kind of puzzle, where set blocks get extruded depending on your proximity to them so the stage only shows when you close enough, could be interesting.




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