BB prototype gets a ground texture and Trees

Moving away from the Tron look towards something more natural. Here’s a screenshot of the ground texture, which I’ll then blend with some other textures to get variance, specially around the base of building objects on the ground.I know Prototypes are generally artless, but I want to increase my skills in all areas, so practicing painting isn’t a waste because well it’s practice. building 3d model same goes for building 3d models, rigging an animating any of the assets in a prototype, the other thing about good assets, is that they can be reused. ground textures are prototype agnostic, that’s why I don’t mind spending time on it. Along with the fact that I get lost in the activity of painting, some call it cloud Nine.

This was a lot of fun to do, and BB ( wow this name needs to change now – if you have any suggestions on what to call it, leave it in the comments of the game page ) continues to be my favorite prototype that I’ve made so far.

Added, bows and arrows ( read cubes and rectangles )as well as a shield to block incoming attacks, along with the portal! and some random other bugs, I mean features.


Added in some trees, they also blow in the wind 🙂




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