Project X1L Prototype flying game

So with my limited knowledge gained from doing the lunar lander tutorial, and a lot of coaching and help from a good friend of mine. I’ve managed to get something resembling the basic’s of what I had in mind for the game. After some final touches I’ll upload it for you peeps to play.

points are gained by going through the holes in the red obstacles and also by collecting the yellow blocks, once you get 4500 points you win.

the longer the game goes on, the faster the red obstacles spin. Still want to add quite a few things before the basic prototype is completed, but I think for one weekend it’s been really good progress, and I’m proud to have produced something like this, being a “non-programmer”. Unity is awesome.

In the meantime here’s a screen shot:




so it’s not amazing, but the basic mechanic is there and it’s enjoyable and is quite hard 🙂

Hopefully during the course of the coming weeks evenings, I’ll be able to implement a character to replace the blue block 🙂

Until the next post, Peace.


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