11 Second Club May 2012 WIP 1

A blog post!!! hard to be posting posts when you busy! Firstly I listened in on the free webinar by Josh Burton talking about facial rigging, he showed some neat things with the morpheus rig and the blendshape workflow and also some joint based sdk stuff for games, was really insightful and helpful. If you a maya user I highly recommend heading over to http://www.cgmonks.com and checking out what he and his monkey friends are doing.

As for me, I’ve sculpted and half rigged a BuckDog character, going to do some facial stuff for it next month, because my efforts right now are all going towards finishing this 11 second club entry.

I faded in November 2011 and didn’t submit, but this month I’ve vowed to make an entry!

Some things I’ve noticed:

Animating humans is much harder than animating quadrupeds. At work I’ve been animating zebra’s and it seems to be easier because they have a larger COG, this enables any pose to feel balanced quickly. With humans it’s because we see them so often I guess and also the centre of gravity doesn’t have that much area to play with so you have to move the control more precisely. Something you might notice is that the movements are quite big and I think it’s a product of animating the animals, but also lack of subtle experience. I definitely want to tackle that with the second guys performance and go with very small movements with mainly eyes, brows and head. Also need some help thinking of a setting for these guys, a background of some sort. I know that it’s about the character animation and I probably don’t even have to bother much with it, but it would be nice. Saying that I probably should have thought up a situation before going this far. Lack of planning. Alas my experience is tree is being watered and is growing strong.

If you have something to say, please comment I’d love to know what you think. All comments are helpful.





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