Rex – Cartoon Dragon Rigging pt_3

Face Rigged!

Quite happy with the shapes I can get with all the blends, I used the blendTaper script (thanks to Mark Behm, Jason Osipa and Harry Michalakeas) to divide a base shape into left and right sides saved many hours!. I still need to tweak their weights so they play nicely with each other, but overall I’m quite happy. Realised I haven’t modelled a tongue for the little fella, but that will come soon when he goes to the dentist to get some pearly whites. Need to tweak weights and maybe even revisit and revise the leg setups, they not the best, also could be due to edge loop problems.

I didn’t manage to figure out the how fine controls ride ontop of blendshapes but that is an ongoing process and hope to implement that into the rig when I do find out how to do it.

I’ll be posting a video on his range of motion soon…


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