>Rigging Exercise

>Fast rig / animation exercise
I felt like making a four legged run, so inspired by South African Studio, Luma, and the bun&bunee design. I made and animated this cute little robot.
The Idea was to see how fast I could create and animate something. In hindsight I should have noted the hours.

Completed in 1 Day.
All the rig has is:
Stretchy ik limbs with SDK foot rolls and banks and a Fk Head.

Side note: I have no clue why it’s funny looking in the beginning, the original mp4 I have is fine. My assumption is that something happened when I uploaded it to YouTube. If you know the reason why this happens feel free to let me know.


One thought on “>Rigging Exercise

  1. Sometimes youtube buggers up the files that get uploaded. May have something to do with encoding on your side, but more than likely there was just some corrupted data that got through due to random internet fail.

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