My end year school project, phase 1 – Storyboarding of the nursery rhyme: Horsey Horsey
I’m looking forward to making this project and putting 110% into it. I can see myself spending a lot of time animating a quadruped, however I think the process will be exciting, contain copious learning curves and be extremely rewarding in the end!
Horsey Horsey
Don’t you stop
Let your feet go
Clippetty clop
Your tail goes swish
and the wheels go round
Giddy up now!
We’re homeward bound.
So here’s the first storyboard I’ve made for the short. If I stare long and hard enough maybe I’ll see some other kind of interesting angles I could play with, or effects I could put in. All the while being conscious not to go too crazy because I’ll be wanting to pay more attention to the character animation than anything else. Already I’m thinking I want to have more movement with the driver. We’ll see what happens.

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