>Easy Motivation

>I’ve been Lucky enough the past few days, to stumble upon really great free content. Which has lead to me becoming extremely motivated… and easily.

Here’s my breakdown of how to get Motivated into 3 easy steps!

1) Think of the activity you really enjoy.
2) Intensify the actual feeling i get when I think of the things i really like doing. I notice where the feeling is. (I imagine my feeling inside as a kind of energy ball haha) If that sounds funny, it’s okay, funny normally leads to smiles which actually can make you very happy for no reason.
3) Take control of the ball – When something spins really fast it has more energy – and spin the feeling really fast so that the spinning causes more intense feelings of laughter, desire! with this feeling going you think of the activity you want to be motivated to do.

This works for things you don’t really want to do too! eg.
Doing the dishes – not really fun hey?
1) Think of doing the dishes – take the feeling and make it small
2) Get a great feeling like above and add in accomplishment. And necessity! like hygiene.
3) Think of doing the dishes.

The other thing that works great for me, is when I do the dishes I just do it unconsciously whilst I think of cool things to animate or draw even revise my learnings from school! All whilst doing the dishes! I’m sure my wife one day will be happy with a clean kitchen 😀

I think it’s important for all human beings to take control of their neurology to better their lives.


One thought on “>Easy Motivation

  1. >Haha! the energy ball thing is true, although mines been more of a cold puddle, but somehow it still motivates me!It definitely takes practice though, It helps to apply it to just about everything. Like making lunch for yourself in the morning before school! makes me feel disciplined 😛

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